The Game Begins Trousers Striped WK-323

Black and dark green striped men's trousers with detachable bondage straps with O-rings, and vegan leather contrasts. The sizing chart should be used according to your body measurements. Size S: hips 88-94 cm, waist (belt line) 78-82 cm, max. thigh 50 cm, item length 102 cm. Size M: hips 92-98 cm, waist (belt line) 82-86 cm, max. thigh 52 cm, item length 104 cm. Size L: hips 96-102 cm, waist (belt line) 86-90 cm, max. thigh 54 cm, item length 105 cm. Size XL: hips 100-106 cm, waist (belt line) 90-96 cm, max. thigh 56 cm, item length 106 cm. Size 2XL: hips 104-110 cm, waist (belt line) 96-102 cm, max. thigh 58 cm, item length 107 cm. Size 3XL: hips 108-114 cm, waist (belt line) 102-108 cm, max. thigh 62 cm, item length 108 cm. Size 4XL: hips 114-120 cm, waist (belt line) 108-114 cm, max. thigh 66 cm, item length 109 cm.

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