There Were Others Blouse SP207

Dark red blouse with detachable jabot with metal steampunk decoration. This shirt has black lace contrasts, buttons in the shape of small gears, and lacing at the back. The sizing chart should be used according to your body measurements. Size S: bust 80-86 cm, waist 60-66 cm, hips 76-82 cm. Size M: bust 84-90 cm, waist 66-72 cm, hips 82-88 cm. Size L: bust 88-94 cm, waist 72-78 cm, hips 88-94 cm. Size XL: bust 92-98 cm, waist 78-84 cm, hips 94-100 cm. Size 2XL: bust 96-102 cm, waist 84-90 cm, hips 100-106 cm. Size 3XL: bust 102-108 cm, waist 90-96 cm, hips 106-112 cm.

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