Commend Skirt OPQ-267

High waisted pleated mini skirt with lacing and zipper (you can choose which side you wear at the front). Leather look, with cotton lining. The sizing chart should be used according to your body measurements. Size XS: waist 56-62 cm, high waist (underbust) 64-70 cm, item length 44 cm. Size S: waist 62-68 cm, high waist (underbust) 68-74 cm, item length 45 cm. Size M: waist 68-74 cm, high waist (underbust) 72-78 cm, item length 46 cm. Size L: waist 74-80 cm, high waist (underbust) 76-82 cm, item length 47 cm. Size XL: waist 80-86 cm, high waist (underbust) 80-86 cm, item length 47 cm. Size 2XL: waist 86-92 cm, high waist (underbust) 84-92 cm, item length 48 cm.

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