Doubtless Coat Brown Y-809

Brown vegan leather men's coat with zipper, and buckle straps (easy to open with snap buttons). It has cotton lining. The sizing chart should be used according to your body measurements. Size S: chest 92-98 cm, waist 76-86 cm, item length 132 cm. Size M: chest 98-104 cm, waist 86-92 cm, item length 133 cm. Size L: chest 102-108 cm, waist 92-98 cm, item length 134 cm. Size XL: chest 108-114 cm, waist 96-102 cm, item length 135 cm. Size 2XL: chest 114-120 cm, waist 102-108 cm, item length 136 cm. Size 3XL: chest 120-126 cm, waist 109-114 cm, item length 137 cm. Size 4XL: chest 126-132 cm, waist 114-120 cm, item length 138 cm. Size 5XL: chest 132-140 cm, waist 120-128 cm, item length 139 cm.

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