Cyclop Sclera Contact Lenses

These crazy 22 mm sclera contact lenses provide a stunning visual effect. Please note: it is more difficult to insert/take out sclera lenses than usual contact lenses. You should have some experience with contact lenses before wearing the sclera lenses. Lenses are produced under ISO International Standards quality control and assurance, and have a CE safety certification. APP.VALIDITY AFTER OPENING: 12 months WHEN WEARING ON A DAILY BASIS: 3 months MAX.RECOMMENDED DAILY WEAR: 6 hours SOLD AS: PAIR Your eyes are precious, please read the contact lens wearing instructions, before you wear lenses. After opening the first time (taking out of the original packaging): PLEASE ENSURE THAT LENSES ARE SOAKED IN A MULTIPURPOSE SOFT CONTACT LENS SOLUTION FOR A MINIMUM OF 2 HOURS BEFORE WEARING.