10 % OFF : Magic Man Tailcoat Y-814

Elegant Gothic Aristocrat style tailcoat, with a zipper, a short front and a long back. Made of black velvet with jacquard brocade contrasts, and lined with cotton. The shoulders are decorated with buttons and ornamental ribbons. The regular price of this tailcoat was euro 117.95. The sizing chart should be used according to your body measurements. Size M: chest 98-104 cm, waist 86-92 cm, item length 123 cm. Size L: chest 102-108 cm, waist 92-98 cm, item length 124 cm. Size XL: chest 108-114 cm, waist 96-102 cm, item length 125 cm. Size 2XL: chest 114-120 cm, waist 102-108 cm, item length 126 cm. Size 3XL: chest 120-126 cm, waist 109-114 cm, item length 127 cm. Size 4XL: chest 126-132 cm, waist 114-120 cm, item length 128 cm. Size 5XL: chest 132-138 cm, waist 120-126 cm, item length 129 cm.

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