10 % OFF : Black Order Trousers K-158

Black trousers (cotton/spandex) with side pockets, straps and zippers. The regular price of this pants was euro 93.95. Size L: hips 102/112 cm, lower waist (belt line) 86/96 cm, thigh 50/60 cm, length 108 cm, inseam 86 cm. Size XL: hips 104/114 cm, lower waist (belt line) 90/100 cm, thigh 52/62 cm, length 109 cm, inseam 88 cm. Size 2XL: hips 108/118 cm, lower waist (belt line) 94/104cm, thigh 56/66 cm, length 110 cm, inseam 88 cm.

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