Now it Matters Trousers Vinyl WK-343

Black slim fit vinyl trousers with lacing at the front of the thighs, and cut out details with lacing at the front of the calves. This trousers has a zipper, a skull button, belt loops with D-rings, and 4 pockets. The sizing chart should be used according to your body measurements. Size XS: hips 76-82 cm, waist 58-64 cm, item length 99 cm. Size S: hips 80-86 cm, waist 64-70 cm, item length 100 cm. Size M: hips 84-90 cm, waist 70-76 cm, item length 101 cm. Size L: hips 88-94 cm, waist 76-82 cm, item length 102 cm. Size XL: hips 94-100 cm, waist 82-88 cm, item length 103 cm. Size 2XL: hips 100-106 cm, waist 88-94 cm, item length 104 cm. Size 3XL: hips 106-112 cm, waist 94-100 cm, item length 105 cm. Size 4XL: hips 112-118 cm, waist 100-106 cm, item length 106 cm.

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