Keeping Distance Trousers OPK-197

Slim fit pants made of vegan leather with cotton lining, and black mesh details on the waist. The sizing chart should be used according to your body measurements. Size XS: hips 78-86 cm, waist (belt line)58-64 cm, max. thigh 48 cm, item length 94 cm. Size S: hips 84-90 cm, waist (belt line) 64-70 cm, max. thigh 50 cm, item length 95 cm. Size M: hips 88-94 cm, waist (belt line) 70-76 cm, max. thigh 52 cm, item length 96 cm. Size L: hips 92-98 cm, waist (belt line) 76-82 cm, max. thigh 56 cm, item length 97 cm. Size XL: hips 96-102 cm, waist (belt line) 82-88 cm, max. thigh 60 cm, item length 98 cm. Size 2XL: hips 100-106 cm, waist (belt line) 88-94 cm, max. thigh 64 cm, item length 99 cm.

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