Frequently asked questions


What are the shipping costs?

Concerning the shipping costs we have chosen to keep it simple. The size and weight of your order does not matter, we use only 1 tariff for each area. These are the tariffs:

  • Netherlands : euro 4,00
  • Europe : euro 9,95
  • Rest of the world: euro 22,00

All parcels for outside the Netherlands are sent with priority mail (and if the weight is less then 2 kilo also registered). We get that if you do a small order the shipping costs are rather high, but if you have a large order you also can gain this way much advantage. If we ship your order in multiple parts we will carry the extra shipping costs.

How do I know that you did receive my order?

When you did an order in our webshop and everything went well, you get an conformation by email. When you pay with paypal you must pay a little attention. After you have done your payment you must click on the button "back to trader" to finish your order. If you don't don that we will receive your payment and we don't know what you did order. In case this should happen we always can reach you because we have your email-address. So this problem can always be solved.

How can I pay?

Payment by bank:
For Dutch customers at accountnumber : 133535185, accountholder : Bizzare
These are the international bankdetails:

  • rekeningnummer : 133535185
  • IBAN-nummer : NL71RABO0133535185
  • SWIFT-code : RABONL2U
  • Rekeninghouder : Bizzare
  • Adres : Rechtstraat 44 Maastricht
  • Land : The Netherlands
  • Naam Bank : Rabobank
  • Adres Bank : Burg. Beckersweg 43 Mheer
It is also possible to pay with iDeal (Dutch customers only) or paypal (creditcards).
We expect your payment within 10 days after you made your order.

When can I expect my order?

After we have received your payment we try to process your order as soon as possible. Usually we do this within 24 hours. We can do so because we have most of our items in stock. We need this stock also for our "real" shop in Maastricht. As one or several articles of your order are out of stock (what of course always can happen) we usual can deliver within 14 days. We generally wait with shipping until your entire order is fulfilled. As maximum delivery period we try to use 21 working days. In some cases the delivery period is longer (like for example with some models New Rock boots) but then that is mentioned. Then you don't need to pay the full amount when you make an order but just an account. As soon as your package has been put on the mail you will receive an email. We send the parcels with TPG Post priority mail.
Delivery time:

  • The Netherlands : 2 - 3 workingdays
  • Europe : roughly 8 workingdays
  • Rest of the World : approximately 10 - 20 workingdays

What happens when an item is sold out?

Of course we will contact you about this. In most of the cases we can deliver again rapidly but if the delivery period would be too long we look together for an appropriate solution.

Do you accept returns?

Yes certainly, no problem. You may exchange any items that you are not completely satisfied with, as long as they are returned to us within 30 days after receiving your order. You can choose for another article, another size or your money back.

The conditions are:

  • The items have to be send back to us within 30 days after receiving your order.
  • Postage has to be paid (we don't accept packages without postage).
  • We don't accept worn, washed or damaged clothing.
  • We don't exchange items when they are not complete, when you have tried to repair a defect yourself or when they are specially made to fit your size.

What should I do if I received a wrong or faulty item?

Simply let us know as soon as possible (but anyway within 14 days). It is always a good idea to check the articles when you recieve them, just to be sure. Mistakes can always be made, by us, but also during the production. In most of the cases we will ask you to send the item back to us (you will receive a refund for the shipping costs). When possible we will replace the article if this isn't possible you will get a refund .

How do I contact you?

Easiest way is by email : [email protected] We always try to get back to you as soon as possible. When you are not sure about sizes it is no problem to measure some pieces for you, please send us an e-mail with your request. Our phone-number is +31 (0)43 - 323 32 32 (on working days between 10.30 and 18.00). You are of course also always most welcome in our shop (Rechtstraat 44, Maastricht, The Netherlands).

How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

You need to register for an account first (for free of course). At your account information you can choose the option subsribe from newletters.

What can I expect from your newsletter?

We will only send a newsletter when we really have news. That can be about new items and collections and special offers. So be the first one to know!

What are the openings hours from your shop in Maastricht?

Monday : gesloten

Tuesday : 10.30 - 17.00 uur

Wednesday : 10.30 - 17.00 uur

Thursday : 10.30 - 17.00 uur

Friday : 10.30 - 17.00 uur

Saturday : 10.30 - 17.00 uur

I don't live in the neighbourhood of Maastricht and want to come to your store for a certain article. How do I know that it is in stock?

In this case you can send us an email, tell us in which item you are interested and which size you need. We let you know by email if the item is in stock or not and when necessary we will order it again for you.

Why are some items so expensive?

Well, at first a big part from our collection is hand work (all corsets from Bizzare, all items from Paulien Berkelaar, the biggest part of our leather collection). As an advantage these items can be made to measure, but they are a lot of work to make so you can see that in the price. Because our clothing is intented for people with a special taste and not for the masses, there are not so many pieces made. It is a big difference if a label makes thousands of an item in for example China or dozens here in Europe. We also pay a lot of attention to quality. Frequently we can buy similar clothing pieces cheaper but generally the quality is less. In these case we go for quality and not for the price. We think it is important that you have long pleasure of your purchases. Finally you can find at some webshops also simular items also cheaper. In most of these case they work in a totally different way as us. We have a hughe stock (also need that for our real shop in Maastricht). There are some webshops which order the items at their suppliers after you have paid for your order. In other words, our delivery period is generally much faster.