Maryam Theotokos Ring Cross Necklace

"Mary, Mother of God" ring cross; a strange and secretive Orthodox-influenced pendant found in the 19th century, amongst the ruins of Coustaussa castle, Languedoc. It is impossibly encircled by a gold ring, inscribed within with 'Scutum arcana dei' - "I protect the secrets of god", and the reverse of the cross engraved with 'libera nos a malo' - "deliver us from evil" and 'sanguis aeternam' - "eternal blood". Theotokos is Greek for "Divine and human". A pewter gothic cross set with five Swarovski crystals and with a gold plated, crystallised ring around its intersection. On a 32" (81 cm) trace chain. H: 82 mm W: 61 mm D: 25 mm