Furious Pants/Short K-215

Black shorts (cotton) with faux leather contrasts, spikes, and detachable leg warmers. Please note: the sizes of this pants run small! The sizing chart should be used according to your body measurements. Size XS: natural waist 58/64 cm, lower waist (belt line) 68/72 cm, hips 82/88 cm, max. thigh 52 cm. Size S: natural waist 64/70 cm, lower waist (belt line) 72/76 cm, hips 87/92 cm, max. thigh 53 cm. Size M: natural waist 70/76 cm, lower waist (belt line) 76/80 cm, hips 91/96 cm, max. thigh 55 cm. Size L: natural waist 76/82 cm, lower waist (belt line) 80/86 cm, hips 95/101 cm, max. thigh 56 cm. Size XL: natural waist 82/88 cm, lower waist (belt line) 86/92 cm, hips 100/106 cm, max. thigh 58 cm. Size 2XL: natural waist 88/94 cm, lower waist (belt line) 92/98 cm, hips 106/112 cm, max. thigh 62 cm.

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